Pressured Barra

Pressured Barra

Fisherman (recreational and commercial) focus on catching. Big hauls equal pay cheques for barra netters, while cricket scores for catch and release anglers are short-lived experiences. Even though repeat catchable, barra stung by lures time and time again eventually become super fish. Super instinctual, super wary, super whatever, use any word that comes to mind. #*%?$
Modern anglers use high tech equipment to find barra schools, so it’s no surprise schools get hammered. You can only play a song so many times before the listener gets sick of it!
So back to this story, in many cases there seems to be more discussion and excitement over

sonar ‘barra school’ screenshots shown online than actual fish-in-hand results. It seems many are being outwitted by the target species via default of the love, passion and commitment of anglers to catch, respect and release.
Wind back the clock before side imaging sonars were common, and even early days on lakes. Virgin fish, meaning before their first few lure crunching experiences acted with greater freedom, comfort and confidence. Enter the not so tangible line caught experience and they began to question the situation. First things first for wild animals is survival and threats need to be handled seriously.

Big barra won’t make mistakes when on high alert, learn how to merge and synchronise with earth and animals in my Masterclass training seminar to increase your odds to catch bigger than common fish. 1200mm +

Fight or Flight

Barra aren’t fight animals, they’re flight animals. Run, duck, hide or simply sit still and ignore the threat. They have a choice, especially where food is plentiful. Yes, a lure can be a threat. Eventually the balancing point tips where run of the mill barra tactics no longer provide desired result. The stinging point is highlighting that virgin and less pressured fish actually make an average angler’s success greater because the fish is more willing to move toward a wayward lure, track and crunch it. Increase the pressure on those fish, they eventually move less and the scorecard crashes, meanwhile skilled anglers continue to catch.
It’s a knowledge gap, fill it and anglers can remain consistent even in some of the most pressured spots in Australia. I’d bet money most anglers wanting more from barra would agree they’re looking for consistency in results rather than the highs, lows and repeated doughnuts making too many appearances.

Two Options Exist

Blame the fish, or question ourselves.

When problems appear in life, the fix is to find or create a solution, fast. As C and R takes a stronger hold, barra will become harder to catch. Those stepping into fishing right now will hit a few brick walls, their barra lure technique might be ok, but the super fish will disagree as they’re shifting the lure fishing entry baseline to a higher level. The starting point has climbed up a few rungs, where unless some high level information is instilled these new keen anglers could easily rebound out of the fishing game altogether because unless results come, human nature quickly opts out of non rewarding scenarios.

If we pull up the discussion, we cannot jump to conclusions and label a school of seemingly non interested fish as being pressured just because none are being hooked. Even the least pressured fish can patiently wait for the right moments before actively feeding or simply ignore lure delivery that doesn’t meet the fish’s requirements at that point in time. Anglers often drive away empty handed from red hot opportunities, but if they don’t know different will never know what they missed out on. I’ve been tested and pushed to limits on fish that seem stubborn to discover a small change in technique or attention to detail simply opens the door to a slay festival where double figures on metre plus fish have occurred.

Easy to blame fishing pressure than to blame our own lack of initiatives, creativity, drive or knowledge gap. In backyard truthful description, piss poor lure fishing skills provide shit results! Anglers could take the wrong turn at the roundabout here and blame pressured fish….

These things will take a step backward at your arrival, never underestimate the abilities of an animal needing to survive and thrive alongside your presence carrying negative impact. These animals are on point, but we can play that game also- but only when trained.

After a bulk knowledge injection, only then can anglers better understand what pressured really means. We change the way anglers perceive ‘pressured’ via two methods- opening their mind through the Masterclass seminar or by one on one training in Masterclass Professional, the overnight Barra Campout for Masterclass Anglers wanting more of the millimetre help in understanding what’s happening in front of them.

Back to real deal pressured fish, they know what vibrating, rattling, plastic, timber and soft lures are. They’ve been there, done that. It’s these fish anglers face with the true spirit of the word – CHALLENGING! When a hunter faces the challenge of their life they utilise all strengths, deleting weakness from the story. You cannot make one error chasing sharp eyed animals with super sonic hearing. The same applies to barra with their acute sensory system adapt to detecting a tiny prawn tickling through dirty water.

Do they know you’re coming, yes. Know you’re sounding, yes. Know your lure is linked to your boat, yes.
There’s some sharp edged learnings in Masterclass that help anglers overcome even the most mongrel, pressured barra in Australia. 1200mm+ captures have come for trained anglers fishing spooky, pressured schools using a rare mix of skill sets.

It’s happening from Darwin to Brisbane, clients engaging in low profile, near flawless approaches to capture fish from both land and boat using high level fishing knowledge, sharpened human senses and applying systematic design into the hunt.

Fishing isn’t what it used to be, because no longer is the fish……

Do you want the edge?

Saltwater Barramundi Masterclass Seminar Feb 23-24th, 2019 Gladstone

Johnny Mitchell

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