Stay Wild

Sunday, fun day…..another walk into the hills.

Stepping barefoot over stones, creeks, steep slopes and craggy gullies keeps us feeling alive and pays off not only through fitness and mental wellbeing but by getting scratched, prickled and skin cuts keeps us connected to the wild.

What’s important about that? Plenty!

For a barra fisherman the strength sits in understanding the wild and how she works. Being outdoors gives time to breathe, slow down and feel our way about navigating both mind and soul through the thicket.

One cool thing about remote country is the solitude, silence and raw power of earth sounds. Insects, birds, wind, crunching leaves, the squeak of sand under foot….the list goes on.

When walking we don’t need a purpose, it’s attractive because of a deep truth.

To reconnect maybe, to unplug from modern life perhaps…’s often both.

There’s truth in both. When asking ourselves why we want to unplug from modern life it’s easy to answer yet at the other end of a stick there’s value and power in reconnecting with earth.

The trick is to actually stay connected with earth and learn her language. That way we aren’t disconnecting and losing who we are in purest form, instinctive man.

Hunter, gatherer, survivor.

Going bush is one of my favourite things, along with half of Australia and it’s not hard to see why.

Stay wild, there’s huge benefits.

Where’s your next planned walk?

Johnny Mitchell