The ‘Original' DVD Series

The series emerged over a decade ago and grew to 10 titles – half are still available. The DVDs are beneficial educational tools, tens of thousands sold across Australia and continue to do so. More a documentary style, their design encourages anglers to think about fishing and the wild world, to slow down, dissect and learn at a slower pace. Scenes are captured on a mix of film equipment, representing the fast changes in technology and highlighting the progression of Johnny Mitchell’s film passion.

Client Testimonials

  • Hey Johnny, thanks for the delivery of the DVDs mate, appreciate how much work has gone into the filming and editing of the adventures. Have watched them all. Often you watch fishing DVDs and end them with a tip or two but the detail, studies and knowledge that has gone into your work amazes me. I can't begin to appreciate the time and effort that's gone into gaining the knowledge you have. The day you stop learning is the day you stop fishing. Look forward to catching up for a beer and charter in the near future. Love the broncs shorts and the nomadic streak. Well done champ.

    - Carry
  • G'day mate... My missus gave me a couple of your DVD's for Christmas and let me tell ya brother unreal stuff! Love how they're not so 'LOOK AT ME, I CAN CATCH FISH', and more about teaching people and showing how things are done. No bullshit. That Curtis Island film, I bloody enjoyed it mate, more of a documentary style, I could have sat there for hours watching that, top effort mate and too keen on getting some more!

    - Wally W
  • Thanks mate for the videos, really enjoyed them. Awesome underwater footage in the Southern Great Barrier Reef DVD of the feeding cycle. It is hard to explain to people, now I can just show them. Cheers and have a great New Years.

    - Rob C
  • Thanks for the DVDs Johnny. I watched the 550km By Sea DVD. What an amazing trip that would be, it is now on my bucket list to do a trip like that!! Now to watch the other couple of DVDs which I am sure are just as amazing. Keep up the good work.

    - Lee M