Impoundment Barra – Online Training Course (On Sale Now)

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I’ve been working on a couple of new learning programmes to help barra anglers.
Two products have been created focusing on fishing freshwater lakes.

1. Magic 7 Freshwater Barra Techniques

2. Where to Fish in Barra Lakes

These two online courses were designed for beginner and mid-level anglers wanting consistency in catches.
In modern days anglers are shown more and more lure brands but technique is being overlooked.

How to use lures is critical. The entire lure fishing course was filmed in a dinghy without sonar or electric motor. Results occurred daily utilising seven lure fishing techniques, self-explained one by one.

What I learnt guiding freshwater lakes for a decade was the importance of multiple techniques. The NEED for results daily hinged off using variations of triggering methods and not just trying 10 different lures.

Watching people drive around a lake heading for well-known spots and casting similar lures highlighted missing links in their game. These missing links are needed to turn tough days into memorable days.

The second course “Where To Fish in Barra Lakes” opens up seven locations detectable by eye (no sonar needed) and overlays lure fishing methods to access catchable fish in those areas. It’s true, people drive away from hot bites, unaware what sits before them.

The two-part course will be available mid-November, sold together as one learning package. (HOW and WHERE) Additional training courses will follow in 2020.

Technique can let down many Masterclass fishers in saltwater, this is the starting point in more basic but detailed online programmes to help anglers develop into better hunters.

This is not Johnny Mitchell’s high-end lake knowledge, but the essential mid-level learning needed for consistency. Masterclass fishers already know the barra science, this is simply the HOW AND WHERE of lure casting in lakes needed to empower your game. I built this with Masterclass in mind, to help members fine-tune technique.

We’re offering an EARLY BIRD SALE to the entire Masterclass Crew with a priority discount, selling at $249.00 ($150.00 saving, up until Nov 15th.)

Here’s a quick snippet of the action and presentation style.

 We’ll be promoting the product next week to the Wild Adventures Tribe at $349.00
It will be on sale to the general public around mid-November at the standard sale price of $399.00.

The special price of $249.00 is available to Masterclass Crew only – until Nov 15th.

The course isn’t available to view as yet, but will be uploaded during mid November, access acknowledgement provided via email communication. Approximately 80 mins of content plus a couple of bonus snippets included.

On Sale Now – 8 Days Only


Johnny Mitchell