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Impoundment Barra Lure Fishing

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Check out the ‘Magic Seven Freshwater Barra Techniques’  + ‘Where To Fish In Barra Lakes’ online training course.

Catching barra 365 days a year is no easy feat. Lakes stocked with half a million barra might sound like shooting fish in a barrel, but that’s far from reality.

Fickle barra are a REALITY, they’re temperamental: controlled by weather conditions and a whole lot more.

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I guided on impoundments for over a decade, putting kids, Mums, Dads, Grandparents, visitors and locals onto mega thousands of barra, taking anglers in wheelchairs, even totally blind fisherman to barra success.


What’s my favourite barra technique? – the one the barra strikes on the day, that’s the favourite, the one making the client glow, doing whatever is needed to do create the smile.

We soon learn to value techniques and not lure brands. Without a good technique you’re not really in the barra game.

After 15 years guiding salt and fresh, there was never a client whose technique didn’t need refining to the standards of the fish. As fish get wiser technique needs to get better.

Thousands of visitors came to Awoonga over the years, lost before they start, limited knowledge on lures or technique going home fishless and frustrated.

WHY?….because they focus on the wrong things.

It doesn’t take much to put visitors on the right page, but these things need to be done right. A few words of advice might get you close, but truthfully, close enough isn’t good enough.

I received hundreds of client phone calls in my career, (in desperation on their last day of an unsuccessful family holiday) to connect them to barra. It’s an emotional thing, beautiful to be a part of someone else’s success and help them tick that goal.

Happiness is valuable!

Disappointment hurts!

This training program’s intention is to help visiting families and beginner anglers wanting to learn – so they too can experience the barra buzz and enjoy these sustainable fisheries.

Client’s experience….

“Cycling through the different techniques in the training. One particular instance stood out and only reinforced the learning. We were fishing an open bay where I’d caught 99cm fish the day before. After using the same lure (jointed swimbait) with no success, I switched to a twitching minnow and scored a fish on the very first cast in water that previously I would have overlooked as being too deep for such a technique. That really opened my eyes to the fact that the fish may only want a specific presentation in any given spot and on any given day.

All the fish were caught on the exact techniques described. While we tried different things at times, keeping things simple and trusting the process seemed to play a big part. All in all that’s my best trip ever to the dam by quite some margin.”

RM. Brisbane

You need to know How and Where

Watch the Video to Learn What the Course is About

This online training programme hinges directly from my proven experience guiding 365 days a year on lakes.

The course takes anglers back to the baseline, the entire programme made from a cheap dinghy without electronics, no sonar, no electric motor showing the importance of HOW and WHERE in the success equation.

You too can do the same and be well on the way to barra success by applying the knowledge shared in this online learning programme.


The ‘Impoundment Barra’ package consists of two programmes rolled together-

The ‘Magic Seven Freshwater Barra Techniques’  + ‘Where To Fish In Barra Lakes’

Both programmes are fully explained via video format to DRAMATICALLY improve barra success.

My guiding stats on salt and freshwater barra sat round 99% success rate over any day of the year, for 15 years. The seven explained lure fishing techniques were used on any given day, sometimes just one method responsible for results- I value them highly, measuring their worth by the smile on the client’s face. Nothing reinforces learnings more than heartfelt emotion.

Trust my experience; you want to know techniques, not lure brands. When visiting on holiday you can’t afford to doughnut.

It was common to guide visitors for a day and teach necessary skills HOW to catch barra. This training programme costs less than a guided trip, yet teaches way more detail in online format that you can take on the water to learn in the field.

If you want barra success in freshwater lakes, this is the essential starter package, the same techniques I used for over 10,000 guided barra catches in Lake Awoonga. Can these techniques work in any barra lake, most certainly. They will work anywhere in the country.

Course Details

  • 20 Online Videos
  • Lifetime Access
  • Duration of learning – six to eight hours, by repeat viewing. (90 minutes of playable content)
  • Easy to Follow Videos
  • Moving Graphic Overlays
  • Drone Shots
  • Suitable for beginners, visitors or any mid-level angler
  • New Course Content – added progressively

The course isn’t based on knot tying, outfit choice, or fundamentals outside of teaching the seven techniques or explaining the seven environments where to fish.

Access to this course is for authorised subscription holders only, up to three devices. Access identified exterior to the course subscriber through login tracking software will have subscriptions cancelled indefinitely. See Terms and Conditions


“The online Impoundment Barramundi course is a good option for beginners to moderate level fishos wanting to expand knowledge on how to catch barramundi in impoundments. For the more experienced lake fishos there is still very useful information to be gained. The course really highlights a variety of different lure selections and retrieve styles which can be used to your advantage when targeting barramundi. The angler then dissects each retrieve and in depth explains what factors make each retrieve click. This is then matched with where and how to implement these techniques. There is a lot to be gained from this course especially anglers who are struggling in impoundments or find they are having inconsistent results.”

Harley Marten