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Advanced Freshwater Barra

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  • 22 Jan 2022

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Level 2 needs completion before attending Level 3.


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The Advanced Freshwater Barra Seminar just like saltwater version expands an angler’s connective development.

After establishing Level 2 the lake and land take on a whole new look. Eyes are open.

Forget your sounder, this level shows how to hunt barra via survival rules of UNTAMED animals; learning to see through the eyes and mind of a predator.

What does this have to do with barra fishing?


Its easy to catch in September when waters warm and seasons change, however the learning is smothered under a cloud of ‘easiness’.

Take the spring window and catch, but if wanting answers be prepared to hit a wall.

In impoundments the test of June, July and August is where most come unstuck, making mistakes purely via a lack of understanding.

Imagine holding the key to that door, unlocking something cool that magnifies all future trips?

Level 3 Advanced Freshwater Barra will alter your presence on the water and off. It’s where awareness and connection seriously start to accelerate.

Awareness and Connection – what the hell does that mean?

The most overlooked and lacking part of the game is the man / environment thing.

How connected are you to the environment and earth? Do you know much about it?

People can easily assume Level 2 subjects are not essential, yet they’re critical. Level 3 is like a bag of fertilizer turning those Level 2 learnings into the best structure an angler could ever own. It’s the powerhouse piece missing from most fisherman’s game.

As explained in ‘The Leopard Trail’ those with closed minds really are missing out.

In just about every freshwater ABT barra tournament trained clients take positions in the top five places including winning about 65% of events.

The way of the leopard is a thing!




Level 3 UNTAMED takes you to a new place, a new way of thinking and processing information.

The concept twists the domestic from your mind and sets a new compass bearing. It’s putting you back on track, a 180 degree turn to get back in sync with the wild.

My greater purpose is to help people connect with wild earth through a style of leadership, shining the torch on something special, a journey unavailable anywhere else in the world.

At the end of Level 3 fishermen realise a change of direction, recognising the value of connectivity with it steadily taking over their way of operation; and that’s the magical turning point, heading back to our inner wild where instinct and senses do the work for us.  🐾

“Come and join me, five life-expanding levels of wild learning.”

Johnny Mitchell