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Advanced Lake Barra Fishing Seminar

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  • 23 Sep 2021


Freshwater barramundi fishing – learn deadly combinations that make fish bite.


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This programme sits high on the learning tier providing critical lessons for angler development. If wanting a proper understanding and fulfilling pathway this is the level to attain.

I’ve been a successful angler for a long time using unique methods driven by excessive hours living wild. Lake fishing for barra has been part of my life for about 25 years, guided on Awoonga for over a decade, watched tournaments progress, witnessed names come and go while at the same time making barramundi my number one study fish. That and many other animals……

My business has trained Australian and international guides, recreational anglers and tournament fisherman to excel and win both saltwater and impoundment barra fishing competitions.

These wins aren’t flukes

The methods used deviate from what people think is the right path. My clients win by doing things others do not.

This is where advanced content changes the face of fishing. While anglers spend big on lures, new sonars and technology the competitions are dominated via a more effective means of fishing.

You don’t have to fish tournaments, in fact the majority of anglers sign up to learn about their passion and fish days off more effectively.

This course is for any angler wanting to engage four-wheel drive and focus on WHERE, WHEN and WHY.


WHEN and WHY looks like this

Trained minds motor around a lake saying “No” to big and small sections of water ruling them out of play knowing WHY they will not produce barra strikes – even if it’s a well known spot.

This can be done easily; it’s not about one thing and is found within multi-layering, recognising when Spot X is unsuitable even if the sounder is alive with fish.
Clients are trained to drive away, knowing WHY.

They can also say “Yes” to another section of lake without even seeing it. Experienced eyes drive away from unproductive water – not wasting valuable time. Anchoring on a point and casting for hours straight is not efficient tournament angling, that’s called hoping.

A weekend angler hungry for success can learn and apply this stuff too….

Applying advanced content not only puts you in a better location but teaches WHEN and WHY a lure change is essential and how long to keep it tied on. It even shares the micro-reasons why to leave a spot and not stay wasting precious time. By then an angler will know exactly where to be next, and for how long.

Imagine spending a weekend fishing and for half that time casting at non-responsive fish or using the right lure at the wrong time, or worse still wasting time in a zone that will not produce at all.

This advanced course breaks your day down into seconds. Don’t for one minute think this is dribble, fantasy or laughable.
This is where my studies and training courses have taken anglers in the last five years, right down to making changes to match the micro-second behaviour of wild animals. If you’re not tuned to a second-by- second level you are pages behind. This is a multi-dimensional learning programme discussing one second bite windows. If competing against guys tuned to one-second bite windows that’s a tough start.

Tournament results speak for themselves. Tournament anglers via my Masterclass and one-on-one personal training dominate the top positions in lake tournaments.
* A long list of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th placings, record fish sizes and so on…

Tournament anglers thrive on detail, working on the finer parts of the game to maximise advantage.

A Short Back Story

Just last week a client from my Saltwater Barramundi Masterclass predicted a 1200+mm wild barra catch a week ahead of time then positioned himself knowing the strike was coming within just a couple of seconds of impact. It’s a level of true alignment attainable by those who do the work. This guy also excels in freshwater. Lakes are the best learning grounds for barramundi fishing simply via higher catch ratios. Doing this course and applying with intent will magnify saltwater barra skills.

Advanced Learning

This time I prepared a lake specific training programme to help all anglers open to high-level learning.

This is not a walk-in/walk-out silver bullet magic pill, it’s actually an entire transformation of your way of thinking and applying.

I learnt and refined this over a 20 year window, full-time, rain, hail, shine. Good days and bad days, giant fish and doughnut days all contributing to a massive pile of learning.

Here’s me as a young fella in the Awoonga guiding days, check out the sounder style.

This craft is practiced everyday by thinking, tweaking strategy and looking for new patterns. It’s actually my way of life! My fishing skills shine via a strong hunger and deep instinct. Teaching this craft and watching others succeed is fulfilling.

Advanced Lake Barra Fishing consists of three components

* Reading Weather
* Reading Water
* Advanced Lake Barra

All are seminar events where anglers learn of the environmental contributors and fish behaviour. This is not a physical product like a hat, shirt or a superman cape, it’s something way more valuable. A way of life, the lost pathway unearthed for your benefit.

The Saltwater Barramundi Masterclass seminar changed the lives of those willing to do the work and merge with the wild. It has awakened many minds to live a life closer to earth and her patterns.

This Advanced Lake Fishing seminar is a unique experience – to feel what it’s like to connect with Man – Earth – Animal and to learn the bite triggers and changes controlling behaviour, then use them to catch more fish.

The average angler will never truly grasp the Advanced content without first completing two pre-requisite seminar programmes.

Reading Weather
Reading Water

These day courses are offered back to back on consecutive days.

Once completed individuals can sign up to the Advanced Lake Fishing Seminar.

People ask why they would need to do a weather course when phone forecasts are given daily. Being aware of the forecast is one thing yet knowing how weather works drives things next level and one step closer to micro-animal understanding. Weather knowledge and awareness is the doorway to mastering lake barramundi. To be honest if weather knowledge is limited, fishing efficiency will be very average.

Learning to read barra water accelerates when weather is understood. This entire programme is progressive learning using building blocks to strengthen an angler’s game.

As anglers acknowledge the power of this material they begin to understand the ebb and flow of nature and truly connect with the most amazing thing on earth.

No lure or sounder even compares to the value of this applied wild knowledge.

Follow this pathway – seminar dates on each link

Reading Weather

Reading Water

Advanced Lake Barra Fishing

All are singular day courses offered in Gladstone, Queensland.

Keen to grow?

Willing to do what it takes?

I’d love to show you how.

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