82 x 1200mm+ landed by clients

Advanced Saltwater Barra

  • Gladstone Harbour, Australia
  • 22 Jan 2022

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Level 2 needs completion before attending Level 3.


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Level 3


The Advanced Saltwater Barra seminar is a continuation along ‘The Leopard Trail’ where the hunt takes on a whole new meaning. The angler’s eyes now do the work, learning skills to read deep into any situation by back-filling the mind with new knowledge.

It gives context to the immediate fishing circumstance, bringing a predator’s mind to the front of the game. This level reality checks a domestic angler via rules of the wild arena.


Because barra live wild and people mostly live domestic………those two words clash and cause disruption.

Without analysis and ‘to the second’ description does the individual really know what’s going on?

….and this is just the starting point, without the micro-knowledge an angler can’t build their 1200mm wild barra dream. Giant fish like that avoid anglers pretty well, however their is a key to unlock these fish only found in the depths of animal psychology. We’re diving right in and I’d like to show you.

At this point 82 wild barra over 1200mm have been caught by clients trained to this level. Imagine being in a boat knowing exactly what is going down, critically tuned and ready for the bite…..before it even happens.

Level 3 ‘Advanced Saltwater Barra’ will alter your presence on the water and off. It’s where awareness and connection seriously start to accelerate.

(translation – most anglers are not connected and don’t know what to connect to, how, or why. Let me show the way, imagine being hardwired into earth’s heartbeat via hundreds of connection points and receiving Morse code intelligence on what’s going down in your local without even being there.)

From the outside people assume Level 2 subjects to be unnecessary, yet Level 3 is like a bag of fertilizer turning those Level 2 learnings into the best structure one could ever own.

The multiple-dimensions in this level are responsible for giant barra catches and tournament leadership.

As explained in ‘The Leopard Trail’ closed minds really are missing out.

Level 3 ‘UNTAMED’ takes you to a new place, a new way of thinking and processing information.
The concept twists the domestic from your mind and sets a new compass bearing for the future. It’s putting you back on track……sounders become optional.

Trust me with this, it’s a 180 degree turn to get back in sync with the wild. The domestic path only serves so much; breaking free is essential.

It’s not all about 1200mm wild barra, there are literally thousands of barra caught by clients yet we rarely talk about this. One of nature’s prominent rules is to lay low and fly under the radar to reduce risk of predation. It’s part of the original Masterclass teachings, to operate quietly and efficiently. The Leopard’s story shares these lessons.

This format also drives tournament results with two of the last three Rocky Barra Bounty competitions ever played won by trained guys. Another barra event saw six of the top 10 places including 1st, 3rd and 4th taken by trained anglers. October 2021, on the weekend client names appear in the top two positions in the latest saltwater competition.

The list goes on, the way of the leopard is a thing!

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‘Untamed’ (Advanced Saltwater Barra) purely stops one in their tracks, uploads new process software and puts anglers back on the water with calculative eyes. Thoughts then convert the findings to a “Yes” or “No’ answer as only the seminar can explain.

At the end of Level 3 fishermen realise a change of direction. They recognise the value of connectivity with it steadily taking over their way of operation, and that’s the magical turning point………anglers well on their way to somewhere cool.

If you want this start at Level 2…….

“I invite you on this magical journey back to the heart of the wild.”

                                                                         Johnny Mitchell