Wild Animals - patterns, cycles and daily change.

Level 4 – Deep Within

  • Gladstone Harbour, Australia
  • 12 Jun 2024


Level 4 – Deep Within

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Pre-requisites – Level 2 and Level 3

‘Deep Within’

Jam packed!

The Leopard Trail through to Level 3 has encouraged individuals to explore, look, learn and apply.

Special catches of big fish and boars, personal bests and new experiences rack up beside a tally of failures. What’s a failure?

Failures are necessary and important within the process.

Even the best guys fail and improve, we all do on the journey.

Success + failure = combined experience. They’re equally valuable. The wild knows how to make these work to advantage.

Nature’s Formula, tools to double knowledge and the way to find kill mode appear in Level 4 – intense growth in one day!

The fundamental chapter for matured wild animals and man’s connectivity to self and environment is deeply one and the same, but there’s a distinct crack in the domestic version.

Model a flawless system, the wild one – to duplicate success!

We dive into feral animal behaviour identifying the host of triggers, drivers and order of priority to sharpen one’s predictive ability on animal movement.

If wanting greater fish knowledge you have to go bush or will never unearth the magnitude of possibility.

This seminar links aquatic and land creatures, expanding understanding beyond normal. It’s in Level 4 one really begins to wonder what the f##k is actually possible.

A revisit to earlier levels extracts forgotten skills to roll the fishing, hunting and self game together as one.


Many things sit just outta reach, yet right in front. A stick on the ground helps reveal powerful answers. Standing alone unlocks more. Nature is strong, with value on every corner of the journey.

Cross over and find your inner ‘KILL MODE’ (words of the wild) – and go DEEP WITHIN everything to reach that goal.

Kill Mode is flawless application and understanding of everything, including you.

Are you ready to transform, join dots and iron the creases?

It’s the last steps and natural order of learning before Level 5 lessons appear.

Nature has a way, an amazing way of hiding powerful secrets in plain sight. Basics first, middling knowledge next, with exponential growth arriving later via tests of wild survival.  Nothing is free, except learnt lessons. Some of Australia’s well known hunters and commercial shooters have increased efficiency by 400% after completing The Leopard Trail. Double the catch, half the time.

She keeps things back until you’re ready! Learn in natural order and clarity follows.

* seven hour training day

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Seminar Topics

  • Nature’s Formula
  • Animal Triggers and Order
  • Feral Rules – the one thing
  • The Stick
  • Revisiting Old Tracks
  • No One is Coming
  • Removing Labels
  • The Simple Solution
  • Focal Shift
  • Kill Mode
  • Flawless Fishing
  • Rocks and Feathers
  • Sit and Connect
  • Control

Do you want to master it?

“I invite you on this magical journey back to the heart of the wild.”

                                                                         Johnny Mitchell