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Level 5 – Earth’s Secret Patterns

  • Gladstone Harbour, Australia
  • 8 Aug 2022

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The Leopard Trail – Level 5

Pre-requisites – Level 2, Level 3, Level 4


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Level 5 – Earth’s Secret Patterns

The key that fits all locks.

  • very few ever find the puzzle.
  • even less ask the right questions.
  • 1 in 50 million might solve it alone.

Outside domestic thoughts sits something extraordinary……….so obvious, yet so well hidden.

“If we don’t notice the smallest of things we cannot explore the smallest of things. Those small things hide a mystery of worldly proportions – and it took me 30 years to solve it!”

Decades searching mountains, rivers, lakes, mangroves, sea, and the wild Aussie bush; knowing there was a piece missing………….. that piece is like the master key, and I found it!

Those already on The Leopard Trail know there’s more….a program unlocking a hidden world of pinpoint patterns way beyond common boundaries.

A friend recently said,”I was happy drinking instant coffee until realising what else was available!”

This is the same situation, until stepping into this level it simply doesn’t exist –  so there’s no point trying to explain it.

I lived remote with open eyes, and worked in wild places. Studying small things changed my life, hunting styles, fishing methods and tactical process. The findings are limitless, mind boggling, yet to my amazement sit hidden from untrained everyday-eyes. Maybe I do have special skills, a unique ability to process information far different to most.

Anyway, Level 5 was the greatest brain teaser to ever enter my hands; and the solved version is about to be passed on to a special group of people.

If you want something mesmerising, take the journey……before it’s too late.

There’s something special about observation; it’s your own. Once something is seen it can’t be unseen. If ignored, it’s gone. If witnessed a second or third or 20th time it becomes a pattern. Patterns are powerful. Some are almost unbelievable…

The mystery itself is smothered by domestic living – chaos, noise, talking, interruption, distraction and disconnection.

This journey accelerated a long time ago while living solo in a remote shack. Curiosity lead the way and earth slowly gave away her secrets.


This study journey is now at a global scale, beyond family, friends, peers and the town I grew up in. The cool thing, some of these people are drooling to learn and level up in this extraordinary chapter. The neatest things on earth are discovered by those willing to go the extra mile, to push beyond with the sniff of possibility.

Level 5 ‘Earth’s Secret Patterns’ is limited to 250 seats Australia-wide.

The right people take the journey, experiencing a fascinating world beyond the barrier of domestic limitation…….

* seven hour training day; plus an overnight camp completes Level 5.

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Seminar Topics

  • Under lock and key until the event.
  • Standard seminar day, leading to an afternoon campsite – overnight stay.

What to Bring Camping

  • Swag
  • Food Supplied
  • Level 5 is a 26 hour event

The Ultimate Way to See Life on Earth!

“I invite you on this magical journey back to the heart of the wild.”

                                                                         Johnny Mitchell