Bush, Sea, Silence, Learning.

Masterclass Camp Out

  • Petermann NT 0872, Australia
  • 28 Nov 2021



For Masterclass Level Clients

The highest level in our training tier, available to individuals walking the Masterclass pathway. This is where higher level awareness is born and connection to the cycles and drivers of wild earth.

A bush shack, smokey fire and a quiet mind.

It’s here where the truth emerges and the re-connection takes hold.

Bush walks, mangrove walks, sleeping open-aired well away from four walled city rooms.

Basic living really hits home.

Sit quietly, sharpen all senses and become mindful to the patterns and cycles of the wild. No beer, no distractions, no fishing rods, just unity with something powerful – Earth.

Learn how to feel her rhythm, understand and accept her way of teaching.

Discover techniques that double your knowledge immediately, a method that speeds life learning.

Explore mangrove estuaries by dinghy, check crab pots on a commercial scale, be set free on a solo beach walk, then delve into the deep driving-force controlling animal behaviour.

Overnight stay, camp cook- discover the power of re-connection and awareness.

Awareness lights the fire of discovery and exciting new chapters.


  • "I've been there, the isolation really helps joining dots. Watching the day transform while having Johnny describe the particulars changes your view on how things work, but the whole quiet thing is precious on its own. Loved the mud crabbing, everything he does is a science. No one I know teaches to this level of connectivity. My advice, just do it and see for yourself!" Robbie O'Brien

  • "An overnight trip, fishing stories and a lot of crab pots, well I got that, but also experienced an insight to another world of next level awareness. That trip has changed the way I've been looking at everything, all over again." Jason G.

  • "Speechless, sometimes I wonder how we lost our way, oh man to be feeling it and knowing why is one of the best things in life." B.D.

An overnight camp out. The connection happens via a disconnection from modern lifestyle. Hustle and bustle has become the norm, that norm limiting and disruptive to what we can be. Let me share knowledge and experience to show where we deviated from the wild……and the value within the cycles and rhythm of the earth.


Bring a swag, hat and open mind.

Meals are provided.

The experience lasts the entire journey.

A One-on-One Camp Out.


“Do you want to feel central to every living creature? A life opportunity, to learn skills rarely taught!” - Johnny Mitchell

Client Testimonials

  • I used to go camping and drink as an escape from work and life. Now I find greater reason and purpose to living. It's sad to think we can be so unattached until shown. Masterclass training last year, then this camp trip. I was a fence-sitter, now more than a believer. Thanks to you Johnny.

    - Name withheld