Refresh the Mind, Reinvigorate the Fishing Brain

Masterclass Refresher Mackay 2020

  • Rydges Gladstone - Port Curtis Room,
  • 16 Aug 2020


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Refresher Course

  • Sunday, 16th August 2020
  • Mackay
  • 8:00am – 2:00pm

Many have seen the content come to life on the water; others are growing their story, ready to expand and move forward.

Hands up if confused? If so you won’t be alone. It’s a big mountain to climb ——–>  yet the view is amazing!

The Refresher Concept

  • To revisit key points, expand on areas of interest and re-align thoughts to improve action. The refresher will reinvigorate attention and put the spotlight back on the pathway. This time I’d like to focus on barra cakes and various realtime combinations using images and hand drawings, plus the lure fishing techniques producing results in each example.
  • Google Earth Images – where to look for barra
  • Open discussions and detailed explanations will take place.
  • "Meeting you and doing your course is the lottery to my life."

  • "Awesome! Mind Blowing! So much content, left field way to look at the big picture."

  • "Fantastic. I had high expectations and all my expectations were exceeded."

  • “An exciting experience. The delivery of what you were trying to convey impressed me. Well broken down and the chips fell where they were supposed to.”

  • “Awesome! Johnny gave me so much information to take away – a lot that I never thought about before – can’t wait to get on the water.”

  • “A detailed, eye opening account of what sort of angler you are, and what sort of angler you can be.”

  • “Out-standing masterclass, opened my mind to a large number of factors I had not considered. Very positive.”

  • “Life changing, highly informative experience. Well worth it.”

  • “Very informative, not made complex, explained very well and understandable, not so we would get confused. Loved the video’s coming into place showing and proving your points.”


A New Opportunity
Come and Join Our Defined Pathway to Success

This amazing strategy is changing hundreds of Australian barra anglers, including commercial fishing guides and tournament anglers. Eye-catching results are speaking for themselves.

My newly released systematic approach provides a specialised level of training for targeting saltwater barramundi, all year.

Learn the important elements driving productivity. The system inspires Australian anglers; personal records are being broken with significant catches. The ‘metre-long’ barra dream has been shifted to ‘120 cm giants’.

The content is applicable across Australia, refined to suit the diverse conditions and varied habits of the barramundi.

This is your opportunity to re-connect with Mother Earth’ s rhythm and walk a pathway you won’ t ever want to leave.

Course Content Starts Mid-Level and Grows into a Fascinating Story

  • Earth’s Rhythm
  • Tuning Your Senses
  • Observation and Awareness
  • Patterns and Cycles
  • Barramundi Behaviour and Feeding Habits
  • Seasonal Movements
  • Refined Catch Methods
  • Weather and Water Dynamics
  • Tide and Lunar Influence
  • Boat Positioning
  • Mental Attitude
  • Problem Solving
  • Environmental Bite Triggers
  • Harmonics
  • Lure Selection, When and Why
  • Tricks for Fishing Pressured Fish
  • Electronics
  • Live Bait and Rigging
  • Plus, Much More

Lastly, but of significant importance, the course shares our unique process of dealing with ever changing environmental variables that affect results, arranging them into practical, usable combinations.

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The advanced masterclass strategy will:

  • Minimise wasted hours while maximising efficiency.
  • Have you calculating hot bites before they occur, identifying the location, and in many cases (with practise) predicting ‘strikes’ seconds before they actually happen.

The knowledge should eventually become instinctual. Our aim, to channel your energy where it matters most.

Anglers who’ve completed the Masterclass Seminar have openly praised the designer, Johnny Mitchell for the advanced, forward-thinking material. Fishing guides have registered to learn more about the fish and reading the earth’s secrets. Competition anglers looking for the edge have completed the seminar, exiting on a refreshing and exciting pathway, rocketing up the tournament ladder; some anglers already taking it all the way to first place to fulfill their tournament dreams.

One Rockhampton angler applied the seminar content within 24hrs of completion, refining his focus, finding 40 barramundi in a location he’d been driving over for 11 years. Three casts later- everything fell into place.

56 wild saltwater barra over 120cm have now been caught by Masterclass anglers. Our extraordinary formula takes luck out of the equation, providing a strategy to hone in on 120+ cm barra. Decades of observation identified the key ingredients!

Clients are recording data and sharing feedback on their exciting discoveries. The reward for tuning in on this significant level of focus is shining through in their positive stories.

A Darwin masterclass client quotes- “I love my new masterclass mindset, best thing in the world. A positive determined mindset, and literally picturing the strike before it happens, right to the point you can feel it in your hands!” This attitude leads him to consistent catches of 90 cm to metre-plus NT barramundi.

Clients have used our material to land big barra’s throughout WA, NT & QLD – including Kununurra, Darwin, Weipa, Cairns, Ayr, Townsville, Mackay, Airlie Beach, Rockhampton, Yeppoon, Gladstone & Bundaberg.

“It will change the way you think about fishing, forever.” - Johnny Mitchell

Client Testimonials

  • To say I’ d rather not write a testimonial praising Johnny’ s Masterclass is an understatement but probably the best testimonial I could provide. I’ d simply rather no one else had the opportunity to learn what I have, simple as that. I’ m certain fellow “Masterclassers” would agree, we are extremely protective of what Johnny taught us and most of us would prefer to remain anonymous. Barramundi fishing has been a lifelong pursuit for me however I can honestly say I wouldn’ t have joined the dots the way Johnny has shared. Results on the water have been immediate and spectacular.

    - Anon