Refresh the Mind, Reinvigorate the Fishing Brain

Masterclass ‘Refresher’ Seminar

  • Rydges Gladstone - Port Curtis Room,
  • 23 Sep 2021


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This programme is part of the support network for the Saltwater Barramundi Masterclass.

The Barramundi Masterclass Seminar is a giant leap for most anglers and this ‘Refresher Course’ is a proven must-do for clients.

The Refresher Concept

  • To revisit key points, expand areas of interest and re-align thoughts to improve action.
  • The refresher will reinvigorate attention and put the spotlight back on the pathway.
  • Clients are encouraged to attend. The cost is minimal; the outcome priceless.

The micro-trigger world is expanded further through detailed whiteboard explanations.

Fishing trips are broken into minutes and seconds for clients to better grasp the system.

Every angler has a click moment either in the boat, home or in many cases during this classroom. The more time spent working through, the better it gets.


  • "It came together like a hammer on my toe, it's complex but once inside there's no denying its accuracy." James.

  • "The refresher really brought me back on track after the mammoth weekend in the Masterclass." K.B.

  • "Seminar, hours on the water, heaps of barra, refresher course, more barra, CLICK! Thanks JM." Peter B

(A quick look back at the Saltwater Barramundi Masterclass Seminar)

A New Opportunity
Come and Join Our Defined Pathway to Success

This amazing strategy is changing hundreds of Australian barra anglers, including commercial fishing guides and tournament anglers. Eye-catching results are speaking for themselves.

This systematic approach provides a specialised level of training for targeting saltwater barramundi, all year.

Learn the important elements driving productivity. The system inspires Australian anglers; personal records are being broken with significant catches. The ‘metre-long’ barra dream has been shifted to ‘120 cm giants’.

The content is applicable across Australia, refined to suit the diverse conditions and varied habits of the barramundi.

This is your opportunity to re-connect with Mother Earth’ s rhythm and walk a pathway you won’ t ever want to leave.

Course Content Starts Mid-Level and Grows into a Fascinating Story

  • Earth’s Rhythm
  • Tuning Your Senses
  • Observation and Awareness
  • Patterns and Cycles
  • Barramundi Behaviour and Feeding Habits
  • Seasonal Movements
  • Refined Catch Methods
  • Weather and Water Dynamics
  • Tide and Lunar Influence
  • Boat Positioning
  • Mental Attitude
  • Problem Solving
  • Environmental Bite Triggers
  • Harmonics
  • Lure Selection, When and Why
  • Tricks for Fishing Pressured Fish
  • Electronics
  • Live Bait and Rigging
  • Plus, Much More

Lastly, but of significant importance, the course shares our unique process of dealing with ever changing environmental variables that affect results, arranging them into practical, usable combinations.

The Refresher Course realigns minds and puts anglers back on the pathway.

Client Testimonials

  • "Ive never wanted anything so bad in life, to learn from this guy. The seminar was great, but the refresher did it for me. To get it, just keep pushing."

    - Tournament Angler, North QLD