Reading Barra Water – Seminar

  • Great Barrier Reef, QLD
  • 23 Sep 2021



  • Learn to Read a Barramundi Impoundmentby Eye

Ever wondered where to start the search for barramundi in impoundments?

Where to look in winter?

Where to look in spring or summer?

The truth is not all parts of a barra lake are productive. Without knowing it’s easily possible to never put a cast near a barramundi.

Worse still, catch fish one day but not the next because the driving force changes daily. You need to understand this.

In This Seminar…..

Find barra spots without sonar, learn to ‘SEE’ the lake and understand the driving force of the waterway. Take time to learn about energy transfer and how animals use this to advantage.

Many fisherman are guided by sonar, spend time staring at the screen and miss what’s going on outside the boat.

The developed habit of sonar watching shrinks awareness and leaves many anglers casting at random schools of fish found on sonar.

Isn’t that the idea? No.

This method produces fish at times but many of those schools aren’t feeding and won’t feed in those areas, leaving anglers scratching their heads wondering what the hell is going on.

By learning to read a lake anglers spend more time fishing productive areas, in turn increasing odds dramatically on feeding fish. Reading a lake by eye can lead you within metres of hungry fish, so well a trained angler can sometimes score a fish first cast…..without the need for sonar.

I’ve studied barra impoundments for 20 years, guided 15 years and now train recreational and tournament anglers to refine their game all the way to 1st, 2nd, 3rd placings….

A photo from the year 2000. Spent 20+ years fishing Lake Awoonga, now 45 years old and dialed into a micro-world of detail.

..pictured as a young lad, learnt so much through guiding, awareness, an analytical mind asking the question, “WHY?”

Part of my vision is to encourage anglers down the path to mastery where barra fishing is broken down to the minute and second in our Advanced Masterclass Training Programme. This stuff is deep and powerful, yet to reach that level anglers need weather knowledge and lake reading skills before moving up the learning tier.

For now, re-directing anglers back to basic and middling fundamentals is the starting point. So much is overlooked while anglers race for improved results and it’s proven over the decades the most valuable stuff was never talked about -and yes it was kept guarded.

Detail is my speciality and it’s what separates good anglers from top level anglers.

Having a flash boat means nothing without knowledge on the species or the watery playground in which they live.

To further develop your quest on impoundment barramundi it’s esssential to establish a solid base foundation. Many anglers aren’t aware how to read their own lake, why, because the detail isn’t readily available to the public.

It’s easy to start with a sounder and box full of lures, yet they aren’t key drivers or critical blocks for building a success structure. Let’s step away from lures, they definitely sit low on the list of essential items. Let’s start in the basement and cement some solid knowledge.

Client Feedback

“I knew water moved but not at those different speeds. The backflow and layered info was mesmerising. Monduran here we come.”  Thanks. BR.

Reading a lake can take decades to nut out over thousands of hours. I refined that experience into a seminar so you too can discover the heartbeat of any waterway.

READING a lake is what happens behind the scenes to identify WHERE to fish. Learning lure fishing techniques covers HOW to fish.

READING + WHERE + HOW puts anglers in the thick of the action zones….

This seminar plus my online Impoundment Barramundi Lure Fishing Course sets anglers up to catch.

Technique catches barra, not a box of 100 lures. (We use just six)

How many times do anglers fish inactive or dead parts of a lake?

It’s obvious and matched by the disappointment back at the boat ramp. Many anglers thought it would be easier than it actually is, but the pain of zero fish is pretty clear.

When asking what or how they went about it the holes in their approach appear quickly.

Holes that can be filled through simple training.

Learn to read the water and which direction to head to increase the likelihood of success. This isn’t about following the wind, it goes way beyond basic talk to discuss something that can’t be entirely seen, but can be found.

If you’re keen to read a lake by eye come and join me in a six hour training seminar. No guessing, no gimmicks, no lure colour talk, no fast boats or sounders….just real info broken down for instant application to make informed decisions on the water.

This learning provides greater control over decisions and improves spot selection any day of the year. It’s the difference between turning left or right.

Client Comment 

“I loved the idea of the two dragons, it made it clear on what’s happening to the water.” RS. Gladstone 

Learn the exact factors I processed to select fishing spots for barra clients in a career success rate above 95%.

*All four seasons, rain, hail, floods, cyclones..


Learn About




Wave Energy

Water Flow

Water Quality

New Water Heights

Reading Land Contours

Fish Behaviour

Weather Changes

Plus so much more…

Come on a classroom journey in a basic dinghy and learn why knowledge is the biggest asset in the fishing game.

This pathway is the starting point for a lifetime of fishing fulfillment……



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  • "That was eye opening and makes total sense why fish move so much." SR, Rockhampton.

  • "A great investment giving meaning to the why on previous trips and making future decisions easier. Already planning the next tournament, thank you!"

  • "One of the best learning classes I've been to, you really have a unique style of teaching."