Weather Affects Everything We Do

Level 2 (part a) ‘FOOTPRINTS’

  • Gladstone QLD, Australia
  • 12 Jun 2024

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Reading Weather


Part A


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Level 2 of the Leopard Trail – ‘Footprints’

Part A

Reading Weather


Weather knowledge – an essential step on the way to the top!

This is a great entry point to start your journey along ‘The Leopard Trail’ to form greater connections with wild earth.

“The weather man got it wrong!

Oh Jesus, when hearing this I’ve often wanted to crawl into a cave and never come out.

Look at the weather chart below and describe what’s happening in under 10 seconds? If unable, the ‘READING WEATHER’ workshop would be a great programme to attend.

It’s also an essential course for anglers climbing higher levels of the Leopard Trail, a stepped programme enhancing wild learning.

Have you noticed friends can misinterpret basic text messages or conversations on simple topics? We have all done this and there’s no doubt interpretation of weather forecasts also leads to mistakes, ugly ones.
“Trust me, it’s easy to get it wrong.”

Misunderstanding a forecast can ruin your day. Drenched clothes, a wet swag, screaming kids, or the roughest bone jarring boat trip can frustrate the hell out of anyone.
Let alone lost money, or wasted time.

The weather changes multiple times a day and does things people unexpect. Why? Because we can’t put a simple label on a complex topic.

The weatherman simplifies forecasts to help people out but “No, No, No!” we cannot win by following a few basic forecast words, that is unless having a background in meteorology. Most of us don’t!
What’s needed is supportive knowledge to give forecasts meaning. When there’s a level of understanding to the weather forecast only then can we make better decisions on the run. And sometimes we have to run, from big waves. lol

Let’s stop for a minute and think about wild animals. If a wild animal makes a mistake it becomes vulnerable to predation or being caught. The weather is a big influencing factor controlling their behaviour. They dial in and adjust patterns to that of the weather cycles. For a hunter or fisherman knowing about the weather gives a huge advantage…..knowing what comes next, knowing what the target animal is likely to do. Learning about weather is a huge step in learning about the animal.

Every ‘GREAT’ fisherman I know has a high end weather connection, they move with the detail and shuffle their game in an extraordinary way. They’re not the people you see bashing their way through rough water and talking about a failed trip. They know lots and catch lots.

But read this….

For the last five years I’ve delivered a Barramundi Masterclass and on the 8th slide of the seminar it draws blank faces. The weather slides.

Around 95% of anglers who did the high end seminar lacked basic weather knowledge.

This blew my mind, but that’s ok it’s why we built this training workshop on READING WEATHER.

The programmes in the ‘Leopard Trail’ were created to help fisherman and families enjoy weekends by making better decisions.

After 40 years fishing it is crystal clear what makes or breaks fishing trips, and WOW there’s a lot of disappointed anglers that are simply unaware.

I’ve spent a huge portion of life outdoors learning from mistakes, watching and forming a connection with the wild. Just about all outside activities rely on having an understanding on weather, yet the hour-by-hour level of knowledge pretty well doubles capability.

Here’s an example –

I’ve guided thousands of people onto fish of all kinds. When chasing Spanish mackerel it’s essential to be dialled in to wind forescasts. When you KNOW how the wind will behave through the 24hr day there’s no denying a fishing strategy change ahead of time fools the fish rather than doing the same bloody thing over and over all day. That’s time wasting.

But to perfect technique adjustment first we must be in sync with the ways of the wild- THE WEATHER! This 35kg fish was caught knowing what the weather was doing hours ahead of real-time.

Spanish Mackerel Charters

Getting out and home before a big wind blow arrives is also critical, travelling at sea in small boats to make a successful income hinges off KNOWING.

Hunting, fishing, photography, filmmaking they all link back to the weather. Most things do. Picking the kids up at school can be tested by weather, farmers live and pray by the weather.

It’s one of the BIGGEST INFLUENCING FACTORS ON EARTH yet most people know very little about it. Our most powerful training seminars all require a solid form of education on weather. Without it people simply flop and settle to a different level.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have greater understanding on weather and how to read it?

Come and join me in the classroom. We can simplify complex in a workshop format where you learn the details to precision plan trips.

Course Contents

* Respecting Earth’s Weather

* Working with Weather

* Types and Variations

* Reading Maps and Charts

* Converting App Data to Real-time

* Wind- the Biggest Influence

* Air Density- Hidden Secrets

* Rain and Storms – Knowing

* Cycles and Patterns – Reading Ahead

* Planning Trips – Smoother Boating

Can you remember times going camping and it pissed down all weekend? The wife wasn’t happy and the trip was a disaster!”
Or that time you wanted a feed of fish yet ended up turning around and heading home because the sea was disgusting?

Wish you would have stayed in bed that day? Slept in?
Well now is the chance to learn this stuff and get outdoor life in greater control.

Be that person making the right decisions because they KNOW!

“I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!” is a comment heard everyday in my training seminars. The small things, lots of things, interesting things….take them home and improve life.

* Seven hour training day

  • "Johnny Mitchell is quiet and unassuming but if really wanting to learn let go of what you think is the way things are because chances are they aren't!" Kevin Payne

  • " The weather seminar is actually a pre-requisite for our high end learning products. Take the stepping stones to greater learning!" Johnny Mitchell