Suspension and Pause

Another recent trip highlighted the importance of knowledge, more to the point- USING IT.

Barra were in a shallow creek and happy to strike hardbodies, but bites DID NOT OCCUR unless the lure was PAUSED. Sure we went through that content in the seminar but are you applying the knowledge?

The technique was simple, cast, wind, work the lure for a metre or two then pause it dead still.  Strikes came either immediately or a few seconds into the pause. For a long while, each cast, a fish. Hardbody or paddletails wound straight without a pause- no strikes.

Paused lures were fully inhaled, easy targets while stationary.

This is easy reading but we need anglers doing easy changes, fluent natural teachnique changes with purpose.

Swapping lure size, adjusting buoyancy for a slower or faster rate of rise, creating a sinking lure instead of a floater…………..

Forming patterns or working toward forming patterns is often based on work rate. If two anglers are onboard it should take half the time.

Paused lures inhaled often result in hookups deep inside..this results in jumping fish. Be prepared for the jumps.

The pause has been responsible for so many barra catches over the decades it’s ridiculous.

Have you been incorporating the pause recently?

Johnny Mitchell