The Barra Barrier


The Barra Barrier

Pushing through the pain.

Emotional connection, in the seminar I talk about emotional connection, the part of the equation where our emotions help guide us through decisions. Tying on a 20 lb leader to be chafed off by a 1200 creates a memory, a shit memory of failure, how our decision and actioning ended in disaster, while knowing 100lb leader is our baseline for targeting big fish.

Those who learn the hard way feel the pain and that pain steers us nicely in the future. (20lb leader gets left at home)
No one likes to endure the pains of life but they share valuable messages in growth and strength.
When things get rough in fishing many anglers step away, or step back. Pain and failure makes us think, question and break down our situation to try identify the chink or weakness in the story, well that’s what mentally tough folk do to move forward.

Barra anglers need to be mentally tough to endure rough patches. I watched an angler just last week question his results- to sit, reflect then use those failures as great tools to lever from.
A few days later there’s a near 1200 and another metre plus barra image sitting in the inbox… from the same guy.
I asked what changed- he said “I just had a good go instead of sleeping!”

It’s amazing what just one fish can do to an angler’s mindset, how one capture can reinvigorate the approach to the game, how one on deck can fertilise the thought process and make an angler hungry to push on. Great barra anglers push on through the hard times, there is no other way.

Looking back, we will all see a rough patch and recall the moment where we stepped up and found the slight adjustment that changed our game forever.

When our mental game and resilience is strong we’re a hard opponent to ever beat…..and there’s nothing worse than hunting yourself.

Johnny Mitchell