The Leopard Trail

The Trail to the Top

‘What is The Leopard Trail?’

“The Leopard Trail is near indescribable, an experience of epic proportions expanding from micro-depths of fishing through intense layers of animal behaviour, water, weather, land and beyond into chapters unimaginable.

It’s a series of stepped training programmes designed to enhance outdoor learning leading to a mountain of magnificence.

But it’s more than that, it’s a peek into the world of perfection, a trail through Africa following an ultimate predator as a role model to replicate flawless success.

The Leopard Trail opens the mind forming a strong connection between man, animal and earth. It provides powerful perspective, identifies weak links and points out the coolest problem solving tool on earth – one to help walk life with greater intent.

A fishing course on steroids

When saying it’s almost indescribable, well yes there is more. Not only will the Leopard Trail break down fish species in a psychology degree equivalent and get you tuned like never before, it also shares a written story how the learnings apply to real life situations through the eyes of young and old.

A story of wild characters, instinctual behaviour and expression above the smothering rules of the domestic world.

If wanting the ultimate package, take ‘The Leopard Trail.’

The programme is a combination of my last 30 years raw experience through every wild creature and environment my bare feet have touched.”          

 Johnny Mitchell

Beginner or Professional, this journey takes you places….

There’s average then those acknowledging higher levels of learning, far beyond the campfire and well into the depths of extraordinary.

This new style is magnifying, will challenge your everything leading to a place of raw spectacle.

‘The Leopard Trail’ is a path switch, helping anglers re-connect with lost layers smothered by modern life. Deep within us all is an animal with capability well beyond society’s expression.

‘The Leopard Trail’ exposes lost knowledge and changes your fishing game in a big way.

The underlying process has resulted in 78 saltwater barramundi over 1200mm long captured by trained clients. Dream fish in anglers’ arms.

65% of barra tournaments in Queensland are won by anglers trained under this format.

It’s happening again right now (October 2022) clients taking 1st and 2nd places in numerous events.

Commercial line fishing clients blitz it when awakened to this level of knowledge. The senses ping, taking the profession next level but only when accepting and applying with intent does it become killer.

Professional hunters are modifying tactics, questioning everything. There is always more!

Family men and skilled anglers blossom with the development process, maximising use of time.

It’s beyond proven across all species with crazy client catches. Client names keep popping up on leader boards in fishing competitions around the country.

We’ve redesigned Masterclass, studied clients closely, micro-scoped more wild animal species and modeled the lessons into a progressive learning tier strengthening everyone’s game. Well, not everyone….

Closed minds miss out, unaware of the gap and distant drift. The what?

There’s a huge GAP between what once was and what is now normal. Normal knowledge, normal methods, normal modern everyday everything……yet that normal has changed the way people think, see and do.

As the the domestic pathway drifts away from the wild pathway, THE GAP widens.

In between sits mammoth amounts of information, and a big time warp. That drift was slow, but the disconnect is real.

When Johnny Mitchell talks many people just don’t get it! The time warp down the domestic track created a language barrier. Wild talk doesn’t compute with domestic minds. Domestic is blind to wild power.

Things essential to understand fish, animals and the wild cannot be seen on a path that doesn’t cross it. The language doesn’t click until people stop and turn left along the trail. After a while people acknowledge it, quoting “This is the best stuff we have ever learnt!”

Until then it will seem strange, bizarre and abnormal. Just remember, the drift created the gap.

The domestic iceberg is drifting…… somewhere.

Johnny lives connected, is internally wild, earth-wired and micro-tuned to his birthplace, earth.

That’s your birthplace too, and the fish and animals you want to interact with. Earth, it’s the place to plug into.

He’s tuned and processed layers of info you don’t know about into killer strategies you can’t see.

He is teaching stuff ultra-powerful you don’t know exists. This stuff is changing the lives of those who turn back….

Stop for a sec, look around where you are right now. There’s a super high chance what you want is not found there.

The first thing to do is acknowledge THE GAP!

If wanting to fish, hunt and connect to your potential that GAP holds the answers.

Walking THE LEOPARD TRAIL also allows you to look across to the domestic path and view it from the outside.

There’s two tracks going different directions with only one capable of delivering the essential information for an angler or hunter to excel and truly connect.


The Leopard Trail is the ultimate.

The five training levels and written story fill in THE GAP between learning domestic and learning wild. Learning wild is flawless as it builds the ultimate predator, however domestic pathways exclude about 40% of necessary pieces required to sync city minds with wild pulse. You’d be surprised what is missing  ……  and that GAP causes serious implications.

The Leopard Trail is about THE GAP! Many have never stopped long enough to realise it exists.

The Leopard Trail fills that gap, providing THE EDGE, the absolute edge in fishing, hunting and life by comparing and combining both pathways, showing what’s missing, bringing it all together into one powerful ‘new normal.’

That new normal brings a stack of advantages.

It highlights A LOT, delivering beautiful lessons with valuable personal discoveries emerging that would never appear without walking the trail. It’s the stuff you have forgotten and new strategies that hold great mystery and reward.

Three uncontrollable characters on intense life paths, their stories and yours rolling together into a powerful package of fishing, life and learning. 

It’s there, fulfilling, simple, powerful and easy to understand. Why? Because wild earth is our true connective home.

Want to harness the power?

Take the Leopard Trail !

‘The Leopard Trail’ is a series of consecutive training programmes streamlining development, re-wiring and plugging anglers back into earth, the greatest gift of all.

The programme is a combination of my last 30 years raw experience through every living creature and environment my bare feet have touched.

Combine this with Nature’s formula and strategies to decode her mystery and you should emerge from level five with a connection never thought possible.

Level 1

‘The Gateway’

This is the starting point for anyone on the learning journey. A leopard cub starts here too – eyes open and everything is new. From a wild perspective cubs are closely protected until ready to walk through the gateway where learning is about to explode. Level 1 establishes essential basics for an angler’s progression to the top of the tier. Successful predators couldn’t and didn’t skip Level 1. That’s how the wild rolls.

Access is provided to the first layers of ‘The Leopard Trail Story’ on completion of Level 1.

Learning erupts as the five level story develops.

Level 2‘Footprints’

Technology steers anglers away from natural development. Level 2 is environment based where without domestic distraction anglers and growing cubs explore their surrounds forming irreversible connections with their backyard. It’s this arena all hunting takes place and one of the strongest levels for knowledge accumulation. What is learnt in Level 2 is commonly skipped via the domestic world. The gap shows and is why technology is heavily relied upon. This diversion lead people well away from what nature intended and part responsible for stalling angler progression. Level 2 is mind-opening, building a foundation and providing anglers the right pieces to the puzzle.

Access to ‘The Leopard Trail Story’ Level 2 is available on completion of this level.  Watch this story grow via my thousands of hours living wild.

Level 3‘Untamed’

Things jump here deep into the world of animal psychology where Level 2 training now makes perfect sense. Awareness grows and anglers learn how to ‘see’ and obtain meaning to once meaningless things. An already established angler and adolescent leopard skyrocket from Level 2 and Level 3 process. One key point, there’s near zero chance understanding Level 3 ‘Untamed’ without completing Level 2 before stepping up. Decoding animal behaviour and fish patterns are broken down, then switched to a killer code giving the hunter massive advantage. Inner key senses are re-ignited in this level and connectivity starts to become evident.

Mystery and depth – characters reveal their secrets. Access to the another level of the story is unveiled after completing Level 3.

Level 4‘Deep Within’

Level 4 only emerges in the wild if animals make it beyond Level 3. Nature has beautiful control and hides her true intention. There’s something special in Level 4 every angler discovers. I call it Nature’s Formula and is responsible for the true re-alignment to the wild pathway. When mastering Level 4 anglers become ultra-tuned and instinctual, operating to a different pulse. With clarity in front, the mind is now 100% free again and back on track to see the dynamics and flow of Level 5.

‘The Leopard Trail Story’ really expands, those exiting Level 4 get more than a taste of proper instinctual wild layering…..and it becomes clear why this programme is progressive.

Level 5‘Earth’s Driver’

Level 5 content is currently protected under lock and key only available to those wanting an ultimate level of connection with wild earth. It’s here you’re introduced to new wild characters that help tell the rest of the beautiful story ……. at this point you will start wondering.

“…..and the Level 5 story…………………. it still blows my mind.”

‘The Leopard Trail’ has species specific side trails. Currently the barra trails are hot on anglers’ minds. More animal trails appear soon.

‘The Leopard Trail’ is the Master Trail.

All species specific side trails are direct fed from the ‘The Leopard Trail’ Master Blueprint.

Pick a species and walk the trail, the same critical lessons, meanings and story appear right before your eyes, along with specifics and tactics relative to the chosen animal.

Choose Which Path to Walk

Click here to start your wild journey Saltwater Barramundi Trail

Click here to start your wild journey Freshwater Barramundi Trail


I’ve completed three levels. 
It’s an incredible feeling to understand the meaning of Mother Nature, seeing how land, water and weather all combines as one, then able to understand how wild animals and barra operate from Level 3. It’s almost scary. 
The courses really do piece it all together and it hits ya like ‘Kaboom!’ 
Powerful is an understatement. 
The coolest thing about all of this is the story grows everyday in an almost unbelievable way. 
I nearly scare myself aye just thinking how dangerous this stuff is then thinking what you as a teacher are capable of!” 

Toby Cash

Direction ➡️

“I stepped into the room struggling with life looking for something. A day with you gave a sense of calm, what I needed was right in front of me. Just one of these courses changed my life, the second grounded my soul.”
Forever grateful. W.S.
Rockhampton, QLD 

Click here to start your wild journey Saltwater Barra Trail

Click here to start your wild journey Freshwater Barra Trail

“You have not just changed the way we look at fishing or the wild, but our lives. We will do you proud. This trail totally changed our heads, love you mate. Thank you!” ZS & PL