Try A Live Bait

As explained mid seminar there’s merit in bait fishing for barramundi. The advantage, it’s real food items rather than fake lures being placed in front of the fish.

By watching how they respond to live bait and bite on the trigger mechanisms it will open your mind further to barra and their instinctual intelligence. You’ll score good fish if using big baits and that will start creative thought back on the lure topic.

Confidence will climb as barra hit the deck, yet we still have to hit the right school……at the right time.

Catching proper live mullet is also an art and can’t just be done anywhere. It’s another element needing mastering. A 10ft drop castnet minimum, maximum sized 12 ft nets or 6m diameter nets are worthy choices.

In some estuaries a small 10lb handline with small hook and peeled prawn will land Moses Perch, pike, whiting, bream, steelback…..all these are suitable baits.

From talking to many Masterclass fishers there still seems to be a gap in jig heads in the tacklebox. If 1 oz to 1.5 oz- and some 2 oz jigheads ( all on 7/0 – 9/0) are missing- that means about 70% of your barra fishing options are missing from your game.  Yes, 70% of your big barra game is missing!!

Have a think about that……. bigger lures, heavier jig heads, deeper water, or just faster flow…….

If you don’t have those jig heads, you will need them.

It might just start with live baiting to open the mind to the size of prey they eat, where they sit……..and then working out what weights you need to bomb depth and deal with stronger flow where big fish hang.

You cannot conquer all with a six inch tail and 1/2 to 3/4 oz jig.

Johnny Mitchell