Tweaking Your Barra Game

Tweaking Your Barra Game

Straightened hooks, leader chafed off, jumped off, snapped line- that’s just how the game rolls. Well, No! That’s what can happen if we don’t address those as part of the list of controllable elements.

I guided barra clients for over 10 years, teach the public high end barra content, train tournament fisherman and spend buckets of solo time refining the barra game. ‘Metre + wild barra, nearly any day of the year.’ I’m a professional barra angler, fair to say.

When saying ‘PROFESSIONAL’ that word comes with a standard.
It’s not average, middling or alright, it’s professional. What standard do we expect from a professional?
If a seasoned electrician comes to your house one would expect professional workmanship from a tradesman of many years. They tick all boxes to do that..

When I fish, the A Grade button is pushed when walking out the house.
The mindset and attitude towards the trip is established at a professional level with the focus on a successful outcome. You’re heading out to catch.

Sonar or not, fish aren’t caught with electronics they’re caught via rod and reel. So when fishing the strategies and formulas implemented are what sets the angler up for success.

Why is the boat positioned here?
Why this spot?
What has been processed to choose this moment in time?
Why this lure?
Why that cast length?
Why so accurate in casting?
Why that retrieve?

Why why why why why why?

The list is long, but the standard stays high with zero room for error margin.

Lots of barra strikes are missed through soft drag settings, blunt hooks, poor rod and reel work, and fuzzy focus.
Now plenty of readers say, “Yeah yeah we all understand that!” However, understanding something is one thing yet applying it is another.
When dialling in on the game barra anglers should be hooking and landing 90 to 100% of strikes. No bullshit, if sitting back at the 50 to 60% line there’s a lot of room to improve.
To go from 50% landing ratio to 90% landing ratio is a 40% increase in catch rate, that’s nearly doubling the catch.

Wouldn’t it be nice to double your present catch?

We often look forward trying to find the silver bullet and magic answer to catch more fish.
I can share some very powerful content that will change your world yet it doesn’t matter if the material is labelled low, mid or high it actually needs to be implemented for the magnification of results to occur.

Skip a few steps, let tiredness creep in, even a bit of laziness by not sharpening hooks, and all of a sudden the game goes downhill.
And….what controls the game? Your mind. When the mind baulks so does progression. When the mind repeatedly says YES PLEASE, growth explodes.

The more I fish at a professional level the clearer the game gets, to the point it’s distinct many anglers are playing it back to front making decisions on sonar images that are blinding the process. Fishing is already getting harder, anglers need a clear path to stay in control.

The most valuable stuff you need to know is not on a sonar screen.
It’s how external information is processed and the implementation of learned skills that put big fish on deck day after day.

Most anglers are oblivious to what’s really happening around them and this is why it’s a testing game……..that is until knowing what to do, then actually DOING IT….to high standard.

High End Knowledge + High Standards = High End Results

1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1…. ✔

Back yourself to become higher standard, because the fishing isn’t going to get any easier………we can all transform and there’s no time better than right now.

Johnny Mitchell