Two X 1100mm Saltwater Barra

Two X 1100mm Saltwater Barra

Shane and Antony with one of two barra averaging 1100mm. Shane landed this one. Great memories!

A short window was available to guide Antony this week. The systematic approach allowed the guided trip to help tick a barra of Antony’s life list without spending too much time in the hot weather. In 40 minutes an 810mm, 1100mm and 1110mm barra were landed. Another about 950mm jumped free and Antony had another large fish pull hard for a brief moment before escaping.

Practising any profession hones skills and knowledge, allowing greater efficiency for tasks at hand. When we understand nature, the weather, fish and ourselves we can take our abilities to new heights, it’s just a matter of how far you want to go.

Our training seminar is stopping even advanced anglers mid-thought and steering them to a new beginning.

Johnny Mitchell