What’s Helpful – 2020 Barra!

What’s Helpful with 2020 Barra

The sport grows annually. Many anglers improve and unlock doors to greater learning, however what’s known as a closed mindset can be damaging for anglers, heavily restricting the learning process and missing the doorways to rapid, solid development.

These anglers typically understand the basics reapplying time and time again catching enough to feel satisfied, intermittently. This system works well until the fish change behaviour then those anglers stumble, crumble and fall, missing the cues and years worth of learning potential. 20 years later, they’re often still very basic and highly inconsistent catching barra, often wondering why others catch more or even unsure how to improve.

Anglers with open minds or the growth mindset mentality believe they can learn more and do better. They accept constructive criticism as important feedback, not as insult and treat failures as valuable experiences for learning looking at other’s success as inspiring. The growth mindset also sees possibilities and erases limitations.

Only one kind of angler gets good at fishing! THE OPEN MINDED, ACTIVE ANGLER!

Let’s talk about ‘Mike’ (name under disguise because Mike is a key client wanting privacy).
Mike is a competition barra fishermen with great ability, yet his growth mindset encouraged further development because he knew there was more to learn.
Mike and I worked quietly on next level content that is seriously morphing his entire approach to barra fishing….

Mike is currently thinking and doing things not ever seen on the Australian competition circuit, why, because his growth mindset simply let the door swing open accepting a style of teaching that splits hairs until mind bending answers come.

You can go deep with this shit, but the funny part it’s right under our noses, all of it.

“A growth mindset and creative visions take you places!”

To develop me must at some point be able to see ahead, picturing ourselves doing something beyond present skillsets or doing something not yet achieved. Visualisation, creatively picturing a scene unfolding ahead of time, ahead of current level, then working to bring the vision to life.
Growth mindsets find problems in the vision then work on solutions so it becomes not just possible, but reality.

Offtrack but related…
A 20 year old fella might visualise a date with a woman, then find he hits a brick wall before it happens. Closed minds might label the woman as indecisive, yet an open minded fella might look inward and ask why he failed. Solutions are available and if he digs deep will likely find his entire approach to the dating game is totally back to front, even though hard to believe….at first.

It’s the same with barra fishing and Masterclass, a seminar I created to teach open-minded anglers how to grow into ultra high level fishers.

The content puts responsibility back on the angler, in a GREAT way. It makes anglers question everything!

Problems hit fishers in the face daily. If we fail during a day trip either an excuse appears (closed mindset – too windy, too cold, too whatever) or acceptance takes place and the open mind asks how or what could have been done in that situation to succeed.
Closed minds often communicate with others looking for similar failure stories to help validate their show stopping thoughts while the open minded angler wonders what the hell went wrong, identifies potential issues then explores alternatives.

These anglers often have new ideas in their head before the drive home from the ramp ends, then action those ideas immediately.

I do not know one exceptional angler that is closed minded, there are however hundreds of closed minds holding back so many.

When fully responsible and taking charge of our life or situation we’re more likely to succeed especially when passion and desire fuel the fire. If you can visualise something, in most cases (within reason) you can have it if prepared to do the work.

It’s how we go about it that makes or breaks. And you know, sometimes it’s good to be broken because we can rebuild into bigger and better.
But remember it’s the open mind that let’s stuff in, the closed mind repeatedly blocks out possibility and looks for a reason something won’t work……..and often is the case we don’t even know we’re doing it—-> it’s just the way our brain software is hardwired.

Some anglers find excuses.
Some anglers push forward.

However, through self awareness we begin to recognise our behaviours; emotions, habits, triggers, actions and rewards.

If we knowingly recognise harmful patterns limiting growth we can adjust them so new habits replace old, new habits that welcome growth rather than deter it.

Let it in!

What’s critical with 2020 barra fishing is how anglers react to changing fisheries, pressured fish and the value of opportunites.

Word on the street (Jan 2020) says many anglers are battling head on in what has been labeled a tough period in our barra lakes- but it’s right here where those two mindsets head different directions.

Hungry fisherman find amazing answers and unlock the code.

Closed or beaten minds walk away and look for reasons why they aren’t biting………….

* or are they biting? Perhaps they’re not eating what anglers want them to eat! The natural world is always sharing a lesson and we cannot afford to miss the script, because some chapters come around only once every few years.

Time can’t be reversed, and I get excited for every 20 year old who embraces the Masterclass content because their next 40 years of life will be simply mind boggling.

Many clients had never broken the 100cm barra mark, then one in four go on to break 120 and 130cm wild barra milestones within 12 months catching giants because THEIR MIND IS OPEN and filled with powerful detail.

When we WANT TO GROW, nothing will stop us.

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Johnny Mitchell