How will ‘The Leopard Trail’ help me?

Have you ever wondered if on autopilot? Going through life in a repetitive, day-by-day motion?

Or are you a really keen fisherman just wanting to catch more barra?

Many people are looking, searching for something else from life, something more….

Fishing is a magical centre point with a million connective offshoots in learning and general satisfaction.

Camping, campfires, cooked sausages, stars, beaches, trees, bush, mountains, animals, open spaces, isolation, freedoms……… that’s not even a list, just 10 seconds of thought.

Imagine 30 years of thought rolled together from my time living wild.  What I’ve seen, experienced, processed, discovered, taught, refined and mastered.

Now think of ‘The Gap’ sitting between the wild and domestic pathways.

That gap is huge and is a bit of a black hole. We once lived wild and connected to the environment knowing so much about it. That stuff people have now forgotten since the domestic pathway drifted…..

The Leopard Trail is all about bridging that gap.

‘The Leopard Trail’ is a 4 x dose of goodness.


1. Super detailed fishing knowledge -things you don’t yet know about.

2. Almost unimaginable levels of earth and animal learnings.

 3. A place of clarity from which to problem solve fishing and any situation.

4. And lastly, but probably the most valuable of the package –  a written story on how everything wild taught is applied through fishing and everyday living.

If wanting something cool from life, a rock-solid tool to keep you thriving on and off the water I invite you to take the journey.

So how will it help you?

In many ways…..

If wanting to catch more fish, hunt better and generally get a bigger kick out of life, turning left and walking the wild path will improve things dramatically.


* Connection

* Direction

* Process

* Clarity

* Satisfaction

* Hunting Big Barra

* A Powerful Pathway through Life

Aka ‘Bridging the Gap’

You can start this journey at Level 2 for just $249.00.

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Johnny Mitchell