Willing or just Wanting?

“I’d love to be able to….”

“I want to be just like….”

“Wouldn’t it be great to…..”

“I wish I had their knowledge….”

The truth is we can want a lot of things, but how many are willing to do what it takes to reach those goals?

For every angler walking through our training door there’s a common trend, they want to

(read more) learn.

Once trained it’s mostly up to the individual how far they empower those learnings.

The Will to Succeed 

If there’s no will there’s near on no way. It’d be nice to win gold and represent our country at the Olympics, but that’s merely a thought..

Those with great will and a desire to achieve greatness, often do. We watch medalists compete and the warm fuzzy victory is attractive but rarely do we see the inside scoop where these success stories are born and what physical and mental lengths are endured to achieve the end result. 0300 am starts, pain, tears, mental battles, life sacrifices, a long list.

I look back at the hard slog of 20 odd years learning about fish, animals and the environment. Massive hours testing mental and physical endurance. Unpaid hours, 18hr days, long miles by boat or on foot, heat, bugs, flat tyres, rough seas, endless workloads, but driven by an insatiable need and love to learn.

Pushing Barriers 

Human nature takes the easiest path, just look at the well worn walking trail beside a river or to a distant waterfall.

The easy road is the norm.

Think how many times trips are abandoned because it’s too windy, too rough, too cold, too hot, too whatever or one just ‘couldn’t be bothered’.

My 4.4m commercial fishing dinghy from about 18 years ago. This thing endured all conditions because the bloke driving it pushed boundaries, both physical and mental.

Successful people push boundaries to the extreme and work hard, never giving up hope on a vision or a dream. They want it bad. If you are willing, you’re near backed by a positive mindset and open to the idea of learning from any hour spent in the field regardless of the conditions or the cost and effort involved.

My barra fishing abilities were greatly improved by every experience gained in the field, even stalking 140kg feral pigs to within a few metres helped me unlock methods to trick pressured 1200mm salties. This one is linked to interaction, how to be present yet less threatening to not pressure your target!

Experience is a collective, the more open-minded an individual the greater the scope with accepting the multitude of variables controlling and affecting the environment in which you wish to master and the animal/s being hunted. Creeping into a swamp to get close to this chick was a valuable experience, more so in utilising skills, practising what we teach, staying sharp.

“Use it or lose it!”

Oh Shit!

Plenty of ‘oh shit’ moments occurred while perched high on a ridge or cliff deep in never never country (where perhaps no man has stood for 50 years, or never has) overlooking landscapes or waterways in what I call “Zoom Out Mode”. When pieces of the puzzle click we simply say “Oh shit” as the connection is often BIG.

Nutting Out Patterns

Nutting out the big picture requires a mix of microscoped millimetre details plus the wide angle overview. Micro information is like small jigsaw pieces, while standing on a ridge looking down helps show the ‘photo on the box’

I call it the 1+1 effect where every piece of knowledge adds to the pool. This knowledge comes from hard work, observation and an analytical approach to life.

Some people say I think too much, but it’s that very process that unearthed inspiring knowledge on animal behaviour and nutting out patterns to the minute, well, actually sometimes to the second. I doubt I can improve on that timeframe.

I was willing to do the unpaid hard yards, no sponsor, no backing, just my desire, want, love, passion and WILL to get out there and learn. Look at the smiles in this photo, the end result of my will to slog it out to learn, then be able to help others.

Nothing is more powerful than human will, match this with being taught ‘how to see’, process and identify patterns and an angler can become a powerful individual. The Masterclass students that shine  brightest go to a unique level by adding the true WILL to grow.

Johnny Mitchell


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