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Smiles come from success, an on-line sonar course loaded with fishing knowledge to help catch more fish. Why waste time not knowing?


Update These Skills!

Ever wondered why some people catch good fish time and time again? Having great sonar skills will actually put a smile on your face. It’s like a game of hide and seek. When finding the opponent there’s an undeniable level of satisfaction.

It blows me away how many people lack these essential skills, while at the same time wanting a great fishing outcome.

That’s ok, because I created this training programme to help anglers learn the skills needed to identify big fish, the ones everyone wants to catch.

‘Beyond Sonar’ is an online training programme that fills a huge gap. This detailed video-based course provides maximum advantage for fishing so you can provide fish for the family dinner table or target that new species.

The content suits anglers chasing reef species like red emperor, pelagic fish, or if you want to find yakka schools, fern or wonky holes mid-ocean.

It covers creeks, harbours, all kinds of terrain and is perfect for anglers hunting giant threadfin or the true happiness im searching for big barramundi.

To make the package more powerful we take you underwater and show how tropical species behave; like black Jew, barramundi, fingermark, mangrove Jack, mackerel, nannygai and more. Observing target animals is critical, not only for image interpretation and information processing, but knowing your target animal like a hunter sharpens your game.

Graphic overlays and underwater footage used to further explain sonar.

We engage the skills of Aussie spearfishing legend Tim McDonald who takes an Australian and likely world record large-mouth nannygai during the filming of this course. The best part is we get to explain the event as it’s recorded as a sonar snapshot and filmed underwater. This stuff makes it all click..

Word Record nannygai found using sonar in the middle of nowhere, once you have sonar skills fish like are no longer unseen.

Here’s The Best Bit

150 sonar images are explained in full detail to grasp the essential understandings of the technology, which will change the way you fish. It’s jam packed with explanation. Once learning how to read and tune a sounder seeing fish hiding will be easy.

Trust me when saying people drive past big fish and don’t see them. Honestly sonar skills are essential for greater results. Join in with experienced anglers by leanring these skills today.

150 sonar screen snapshots interpreted and explained in detail.

The course has no links to sponsorship or product promotion, instead just the specific details needed to master sonar technology.

Side imaging technology explained.

In depth detail is available on the functionality of sonar, tuning, and the bits you need to know to make it all go boom! We even add further information on how to approach fishing situations making ‘Beyond Sonar’ more than just a sonar course.

Many of our best charter catches hinge off sonar interpretation, then overlaying fishing and powerful environmental knowledge to create a deadly combination.

We share tips on the use of GPS in basic search and recovery exercises and even find a golf ball smacked off the beach by a professional golfer.

  • Plus, so much more…….

Course Details

  • 23 Online Videos
  • Lifetime Access
  • Duration of Learning – six to ten hours (2 hours 45 minutes of playable content)
  • Easy to Follow Videos
  • Moving Graphic Overlays
  • Drone Shots
  • Underwater Scenes
  • Suitable for All Anglers
  • New Course Content – added progressively
  • Sonar Discussion Forum – for registered course subscribers

Moving graphic overlays used to bring side-imaging information to life, along with drone footage and hungry Queenfish being teased to strike the surface.


Had the best day after doing the course, tuned the new sounder better than before and not only saw bait schools but had big fish under the boat all morning and caught big cobia, grunter and nannygai. So easy once when you know how.
✌🐟🐟🦈 Unreal, Thank you.

Why isn’t fishing explained like this anywhere? Not just how to use the sounder but you show us a way to think about spots and what to do. I purchased all your DVD’s and this course has joined a lot of puzzle pieces to work among many kinds of fish.
Cheers Johnny, I will join the forum and take some shots. Will sign up for masterclass later this year hopefully

Although I have been using conventional sonar and side scan for quite a long time and used both to successfully target bass, Murray cod, barra and blue water species I thought I had a really good grasp on using this technology to its potential. After watching the course, I was hit with a harsh reality I hadn’t been. Now looking back on countless hours searching with very little results it stands out I was overlooking key information that was displayed right in front of me. My only regret about doing this course is that it wasn’t available years ago.

Michael K. ✌🐟✅

I’ve fished for 37 years and know my sonars well. Having the course to go back on is great. The underwater footage is priceless because just watching the fish move keeps me learning and my style can be changed to get extra bites. I do a lot of jigging and maybe spend too much time with the lure on the bottom. No point in doing that if the fish aren’t feeding like that or always moving around.” 😎 ✅


I’m pretty serious about the side scan thing, the more I’ve looked at the content on side-scan the more I’m convinced I missed fish, expecting everything to just pop out like they do on the mud or sand. If u know they should be there you’ll notice things better I reckon, and that’s why knowledge of the fish is equally as important as knowing the sounder.

Ben L. ✅

Mate you have done a fantastic job, I absolutely love it. Your sonar training is incredible, am learning heaps and have to go back to watch all of them and recap on the ones I’ve watched. When you think you understand sonars, you don’t realise some of simple but important things we get wrong.”

Daniel ✌

Each individual module was thorough and despite only watching it once so far I have gained a massive amount of knowledge. After looking at your interpretation of the imaging, I realise how much more information can be gleaned from the sounder that I never considered before. I love your work!

Brett. Bundy

I’ve had a wealth of knowledge bestowed upon me by partaking in the online sonar course. This course helped me to identify structure, fish and also better understand the way in which each mode of sonar worked.
As a result we are no longer going out in the hope of catching a fish, instead we are targeting fish with the aid of our sonar.
One thing I liked about his course was the easy to understand delivery, each and every lesson is explained in detail with the use of visual aids to help the old brain process what is actually happening. Adding to this is the ability to go back to each and every lesson to hone and sharpen skill until things are crystal clear.
I found the experience extremely enjoyable and informative and would recommend this online sonar course to anyone who is looking to improve their fishing experience be it a beginner or long time angler.
From Daz 🌴

Hey mate,
The sonar course is amazing. Well done. That is the best value online course, so much detail and specific info. Blew me away.

Ben B. ✌

The sounder course was very deep, well beyond my knowledge although the content was simple to understand.  The paragraphed learning was to my liking and the content was successfully applied on my next outing.

Nick 👌


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