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Online Sonar Course

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We take to the skies for a bird’s eye view and unique perspective on how to turn sonar information into quality catches. This detailed video-based course steps you through 2D traditional sonar, side imaging and downscan technology – to give you maximum advantage while fishing.

To make the package more powerful we take you underwater and show how species behave. That knowledge improves image interpretation and information processing. We engage the skills of Aussie spearfishing legend Tim McDonald who takes an Australian and likely world record large-mouth nannygai during the filming of this course. The best part is we get to explain the event as it’s recorded as a sonar snapshot and filmed underwater.

A truckload of sonar images are explained in full detail so you grasp the essential understandings of the technology, which will change the way you fish.  Images chosen for the course are ‘average to good’ quality because this is the reality of sonar. There’s no point showing the ‘best of the best’ shots because the smoothest learning comes from deciphering more common images experienced on the water.

The course has no links to sponsorship or product promotion, instead just the specific details needed to master sonar technology.

In depth detail is available on the functionality of sonar, areas of significance, tuning, and the bits you need to know to make it all go boom!

Aerial views teasing fish with hookless baits show the end results of how sonar information is refined and used with incredible accuracy to less than a metre. We share tips on the use of GPS in basic search and recovery exercises and even find a golf ball smacked off the beach by a professional golfer.

Plus so much more…….

Course Details

  • 21 Online Videos
  • Lifetime Access
  • Duration of Learning – six to ten hours (2 hours 20 minutes of playable content)
  • Sonar Discussion Forum – for registered course subscribers
  • Easy to Follow Videos
  • Moving Graphic Overlays
  • Drone Shots
  • Underwater Scenes
  • Suitable for Beginner and Mid-Level Anglers
  • New Course Content – added progressively

Access is for authorised subscription holders only, up to three devices. Access identified exterior to the course subscriber will have subscriptions cancelled indefinitely. See Terms and Conditions